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About Epic Lighting Solutions Inc.

Our team has more than 29 years of experience in the electrical service industry. Over the years we have observed many changes in technology in the lighting industry, both in Chicago and across the Midwest Epic Lighting Solutions has been established to meet those changes and to help our customers to become more efficient.

Since you are on our “About Us” page, you probably wish to know what kind of wholesale distributor we are. To best explain our company, let‘s look at an issue facing current lighting wholesalers.

One of the biggest problems facing LED and induction lighting is education and awareness. Hopefully after visiting our site, we can help to solve that problem.

To get started, it is important to point out that the average incandescent bulb has a life span of about 2000 hours, but the average LED lamp lasts for a minimum 25,000 hours and an induction lamp lasts 65,000 hours.. So the average LED lamp lasts 12.5 times longer than the average light bulb and an induction lamp lasts 32.5 times as long. And these are the minimum life spans for LED and induction lamps; we have lighting which lasts significantly longer. Epic Lighting Solutions believes in sustainability, and we believe that our customers and our environment deserve the best products we can offer.

And that is what the commercial and industrial businesses of Chicago and the Midwest need to know about us. Epic Lighting Solutions is proud of its strong work ethic and customer service and we make the effort so that our valued customers only receive the best product.

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