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High Efficiency Lighting

Induction and solid state (LED) lighting is leaps and bounds ahead of its competition in terms of high efficiency. Not only do LED lights last a minimum of 12.5 times longer than traditional filament light bulbs, most of our LED’s last 25 times longer (about 5 years), they are also very energy efficient. The traditional incandescent or filament bulbs are supremely energy inefficient as up to 98% of the energy used is transformed into heat rather than light. Up to 98% of the energy cost of that light bulb isn’t even going towards the whole purpose of the bulb, illuminating the space.

LED lighting is one way for Chicago and the Midwest to get high efficiency lighting. LEDs produce more light per watt of power, and use a minimum of 4 times less energy than a filament bulb. So, over time the energy bill will be at minimum, 4 times less than using a tradition bulb. Combine this with the fact that LEDs last much longer and it seems like an easy choice for anyone who wants to save money by increasing their energy efficiency.

Induction lighting is another way to achieve high efficiency in reaching your lighting needs. Depending on the specific requirement, Induction lighting can be an even better solution for the lighting needs of the greater Chicago area and the Midwest. One way is that the life spans of most induction lights are roughly double that of LEDs. They can also be more energy efficient, produce more light per watt and need less energy to produce the light.

LED Lighting and Induction Lighting each have their strong points and applications. By combining the two technologies, Epic Lighting Solutions can certainly put together a plan that will work best for your facility. If Chicago and American Midwest businesses are looking for lighting for commercial or industrial applications, both indoor and outdoor, we will take you step by step through the process of choosing the best lighting fixtures for the job. Remember that there are lots of different options when deciding on high efficiency lighting, but when you rely on Epic Lighting Solutions you are certain to save.

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