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Induction Lighting

Using Induction lighting products is an excellent way to achieve energy efficiency. They produce more light output per watt than traditional bulbs, they have a life span of 100,000 hours and require less energy to operate than incandescent, metal-halide, and other HID lights. Another great feature of our induction lighting systems is that they require little to no maintenance and are covered by our 5 year warranty.

Induction lights also produce very little heat and can work in relatively extreme temperatures without issue. This makes them ideal for use in climates where there is a drastic change in seasonal temperature. One application of both LED lights and induction lights which is rarely considered is in cold storage. Traditional light bulbs expend 98% of their energy on heating the filament. This heat is then distributed to the surrounding area which makes the cooling system work harder to compensate. With induction lighting the lack of heat produced saves your company money by decreasing not only the energy consumption of you lighting system but also of your cooling system. The same idea translates to an industrial or commercial facility where the use of a cooler running lighting system can also save money on air conditioning, ventilation, and cooling costs.

Induction lighting is a smart solution for the lighting needs of Chicago and the Midwest. All of our products will greatly decrease your energy consumption, increase visibility, and diminish waste. For commercial and industrial companies that want to have a greener environment and a greener wallet, contact Epic Lighting Solutions Inc. today.

How Induction Lighting Works

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